miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

Hard Rock Cafe (Part 2)

My group, made by Daniel Flores, Joaquin Rodriguez and me, have done a task of a Hard Rock Cafe. we have explained to a board of directors what we have done in our Hard Rock Cafe.

We have explained the place where the Hard Rock Cafe is, and its size and situation. We also have done a Rock shop, and we have sent a letter to a group from Spain called "Los Suaves".

Before that, first we have explained this in the school, and then in a real Hard Rock Cafe in Marbella.



jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013

Hard Rock Cafe in Motril

We have done a task about a Hard Rock Cafe, and now we have to present it to the board of directors.
The task has a number of points, including an index:

1. The letter that we send to the board of directors, in which we explain our task.

2.Localization: We describe the place we have chosen to build our Hard Rock Cafe.

3. A Cafe Menu, it has several types of food, from a small starter, to a rich dessert.

Then we have explain some events and the rock shop that we have in our Hard Rock Cafe.